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November 5, 2015

MARTINSBURG-A Hedgesville man accused of molesting two girls last year was acquitted on all charges, following a two-day jury trial.

The defendant was found not guilty Wednesday afternoon of two counts of first degree sexual abuse, one count of third degree sexual abuse and one count of attempted second-degree sexual assault. The Defendant was accused of molesting two little girls who were staying the night at his house while he was intoxicated.

Attorney Gregory Smith, told the jury the legal system, while the greatest on Earth, has its problems and Defendants charges were a mistake.... See:

"Attorney Gregory Smith went beyond kindness to our family, he allowed us to live in peace knowing he was at the helm. I thank God he represented my son and was always there for us through this crises. He is a caring person and a great attorney.

- M


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"Mr. Smith took the time to always talk with us and worked hard and long to help our son. Not only did he get him probation on his drug charges he helped him get treatment also. Our son is now working and taking college classes. Thanks to Mr. Smith he got another chance in life."

- J

He did a Great Job. He listened to my concerns and fought for me in court. Other lawyers did not show interest in my defense. My family and I are very grateful to him for all the time and effort he spent with us. I very much recommend Mr. Smith."

- B

A private investigator's point of view Posted by Glen Cook:

"I recommend Gregory Smith. I am a retired police officer and currently conduct private Investigations. I have worked several cases for Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith has always been attentive during the investigation and quickly responds to my communications.

Together we have been able to support charges being dismissed and in several cases, when the client comes to him early enough, we have been able to prevent charges being filed. I have recommended Mr. Smith to several of my clients and potential clients, as I know he is dedicated and aggressive and have seen him do things in court which other attorneys have tried and failed. Of course, each case and circumstance is different, but Mr. Smith is trustworthy and has always been a pleasure to work with. He works and communicates with me and doesn't just sit back and wait for me to finish my investigation before he goes to work.

Mr. Smith readily accepts my calls and input on cases. We have a good working relationship and work together well as a team. Mr. Smith reads my reports thoroughly and understands the investigation process and how valuable a good Private Investigator can be to bring a criminal defense case to a successful conclusion.

Mr. Smith's prior experiences as a law enforcement officer and assistant prosecuting attorney gives him insight that few other defense attorneys have. Mr. Smith is open minded and open to new ideas and technology. There have been some instances when my investigation may confirm his clients guilt, perhaps on other lesser charges at least, and in these cases he does his best to ensure his client receives the best outcome possible in their case. If you want a good team captain for your defense, I highly recommend Mr. Smith."

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