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If you are charged with a crime or being investigated, time is of the essence. Call on the legal services of Gregory V Smith Criminal Attorney & Trial Lawyer in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Dependable Services

As with any service, you get what you pay for. Beware of any attorney that offers to take your case for an unusually low fee. At the very least, the attorney will not be able to afford to spend the time needed on your case. Worse yet, the attorney may be unqualified to properly handle your case.

The outcome of your case will typically affect the rest of your life. How much is five years of your life worth to you? How do you think a criminal record will affect your ability to find good employment for the rest of your life?

Court Paperwork

Shopping for an attorney is not like shopping for a new coat or a car. In most cases, you cannot "return" an attorney if he or she does not work out for you. The most important consideration in selecting an attorney is the quality of the defense that will be provided. You are not paying a law firm simply to take your case or spend time on it. You are paying to get results.

Mr. Smith has defended citizens accused of misdemeanor & felony state and federal criminal offenses. Some of these cases include:

• Arson
• Aggravated Assault / Battery
• Attempt
• Bribery
• Child Pornography
• Computer Crime
• Conspiracy
• Criminal Contempt of Court
• Domestic Violence
• Drug Manufacturing & Cultivation
• Drug Trafficking / Distribution
• Embezzlement
• Extortion
• Forgery
• Fraud
• Homicide
• Indecent Exposure
• Identity Theft
• Kidnapping
• Manslaughter: Involuntary
• Manslaughter: Voluntary
• Medical Marijuana
• Minor in Possession
• Murder: First-Degree
• Murder: Second-Degree
• Perjury
• Probation Violation
• Prostitution
• Racketeering
• Rape
• Robbery
• Sexual Assault
• Shoplifting
• Solicitation
• Stalking
• Statutory Rape
• Vandalism
• White Collar Crimes
• Drug Crimes Possession of a Significant Quantity, Intent to Sell, Manufacture, Conspiracy, or Trafficking in Controlled Substances
• Drug Offenses Possession or Sale of Controlled Substances
• Conspiracy to Possess / Intent to Distribute Drugs

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